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Food Truck Frenzy!

Posted on 7 May 2012 by Carlos Lopez

Food trucks are on the rise. It’s becoming evident as more and more people show up at weekly food truck rallies held around town in areas like NoDa and South End.

Goody Woody’s, The Herban Legend, The Tin Kitchen, and Sticks and Cones Ice Cream are some of the trucks that gather every Friday.

The overhead of a full-blown restaurant can often be financially crippling, but food truck entrepreneurs can get their names out there and create great food, which can be difficult to do in a brick & mortar restaurant these days.

The idea of food from a truck might make some people squeamish. That’s because many people don’t know just how strict the health guidelines are on food trucks. Blake Scott and his sister Mariah run Goody Woody’s, along with Mariah’s fiancé Franklin. “You know how you go to a restaurant and they have a grade posted on the wall?” asks Franklin as he works on a fried taco, “Well, if we don’t get 100%, we don’t pass.” Blake also adds that his truck gets 4 spontaneous inspections throughout the year.

But what really matters is the food, and these food tucks deliver. Parmesan truffle french fries from the Herban Legend anybody? How about a fried taco from Woody’s truck whose menu was designed by Mariah Scott, a recent graduate of Johnson and Wales university. These are not the typical foods one would expect from a food truck, and they do not disappoint.

Currently, city of Charlotte restrictions do not allow food trucks to be out after 10pm, so if you are looking for that fourth meal late night, you are going to have to catch them early.

Follow the food truck rally in NoDa on Facebook via the Food Truck Frenzy page.


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