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photos by Yonathan Ayelew and James Scottphotos by Yonathan Ayelew and James Scott

UNC Charlotte students party for a cause

Posted on 23 Feb 2012 by James Scott

Ear splitting electronic music, strobe lights lights, and colorful glow sticks: all the elements required to put on a rave. UNC Charlotte supplied all of these for the “We Own The Night” Rave sponsored by Niners on the Weekend (N.O.W.) and Talent, Ambition, and Passions (T.A.P.) this past Saturday night.

I’ve never been to a rave, but this was a great way to get introduced to them” says UNC Charlotte student Sean Capers.

A diverse crowd of attendees varies from students standing around with their florescent glow sticks to others full on dancing and letting the music control their bodies. The four different DJ’s take sets at livening up the crowd, each bringing something a little different from the others.

The ballroom sized space alternates from pitch black to almost unbearably bright thanks to two strobe lights located in front of the DJ booth. High above, the ceiling is speckled with red, green, and blue lights which appear and disappear sporadically.

This party which drew out nearly 400 students was not put on just for the sake of having a party however. “Human trafficking and sex slavery are real issues that we (N.O.W.), T.A.P., and Halogen TV are looking to provide awareness for” says N.O.W. Production Coordinator Hana Hager.

A brief pause from the chaotic raving was dedicated to airing a PSA created by Halogen TV on these issues. Prior to entering the rave, T.A.P. also had a table where they accepted donations to promote awareness.

After the PSA, the party and music commenced just as they had before. The students continued at this feverish pace until 1 AM.

Overall, I feel like we provided valuable information as well as a pretty awesome party” says Hager with her neon green glow stick necklace still on. UNC Charlotte students partied the night away Saturday for what proved to be a great cause.

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