Uptown camping ordinances, Governor's race shakeup, and the murders at Flying Biscuit, on the latest 282 | CLT Blog

Uptown camping ordinances, Governor’s race shakeup, and the murders at Flying Biscuit, on the latest 282

Posted on 30 Jan 2012 by Justin Ruckman

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This week we talk about:

  • Uptown camping ordinances vs Occupy: The City Council recently voted on a proposed ordinance that limits camping overnight on city property — which was meant to impact the Occupy Charlotte protesters during the DNC. Will this bring the local Occupy movement to a halt?
  • Governor’s race shakeup and Charlotte’s contendors: Gov. Perdue recently announced she would not seek re-election. So what does this mean for Pat McCrory, who is seeking the office? Also, what are the real chances of Foxx running? And how does this affect Democrats in NC, who now have to step up fundraising.
  • Murders at Flying Biscuit and abortion law: A recent shooting of a pregnant woman at the Flying Biscuit Café resulted in a suspect being charged with double homicide — since he killed an adult and an unborn child. What effect will a prosecution like this have on abortion laws? Will this case be used as a way for pro-life forces to challenge legal abortions?

Carlton is joined this week by the following panel:

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