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Charlotte talks development

Posted on 10 Jul 2008 by Justin Ritchie

uptown construction pre-Wachovia HQ, credit: Justin Ruckman

WFAE’s Mike Collins of Charlotte Talks goes into detail discussing rapid development in the Charlotte region with some of the influential people intertwined with Charlotte’s development community, making for a thought-provoking listen for anyone interested in the development of the region. Is density the boon or bane of Charlotte’s future?

Most interestingly from the podcast, each parking space developed in Uptown costs over $20,000! That’s more than many of the cars that park in them… well, at least more than my car!

We’ve had many shows on development, but today we hear from developers on the process, from buying a piece of land to full development. Developers are often seen as evil entities in the growth of a city, but they suggest that they are often misunderstood. We’ll learn about ethical development, stewardship, and the nuts and bolts of development.

Guests: Clay Grubb — President, Grubb Properties; Dennis Richter — Partner, Centro Cityworks; David Walters — Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, UNC Charlotte

Listen to this show (link fixed —Ed.) on Charlotte Blogs, a production of Charlotte Talks.

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