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Soul Gastrolounge

Soul Gastrolounge

Posted on 18 May 2009 by Justin Ruckman

video: Justin Ruckman; watch this video on Vimeo

Andy Kastanas & James Fedele’s new “music-restaurant” is the American equivalent of a European gastropub. Its cuisine, much of which inspired by the delicate, scientific approach to cooking known as molecular gastronomy, also reaches outside those boundries to include more traditional faire ranging from sushi to mini cuban sandwiches.

Local DJs are on hand every night spinning house and lounge tunes. Kastanas said he wanted to create a place that satisfied both his love for food and for music.

Justin Ritchie and I stopped by on opening night. Among other things, we tried a delicious plate of thinly-sliced beets and fennel root, and what they told us was the 2nd order of sushi they’d ever served.

In the video above we take a look around, and talk with one of the bartenders and co-owner James Fedele. Also see Sarah Aarthun’s review over at Paid to Party.


  1. CitizenCharlotte 18 May 2009 at 11:20 AM

    Great Food, Atmosphere, Service, and Music!. Couple of thoughts from the foodies at my table.
    Bone Marrow — Thank you for this dish. More than we expected. Thoughts — Could really be served with one marrow and we thought how awesome it would be to have a tiny pile of gray sea salt on the side or in a tiny dish (to highlight) for when the marrow is extracted. That would be the perfect seasoning to bring forward the flavors and it would be gastrolounge fitting. :)
    Sardine Fries — Very Cool! Two at the table of about 14 loved, loved, it. The others tried the dish and thought perhaps a bit harsh to keep on dipping in the bowl. They did however think if it was served with some sort of aioli creation heavy on the lemon (zest perhaps) that they could have really gotten into the flavor. Something fresh to cut the overwhelming distinct fishy flavor and texture.
    Blue Cheese Slider — Perfect :)
    Fries — Perfect. We marveled at the clean yummyness of these fries.
    Sushi — Great! Rolls are a little loose.
    Cupcake — These are great and homemade! Make a ton in advance of the evening (the luxury of serving cupcakes) then the iceing will not melt on the way out. They will be sooo pretty and taste awesome.
    Coming from a place of pure love and adoration!

  2. Robbie 18 May 2009 at 2:41 PM

    Looks like a nice place for Plaza-Midwood.

    Also, “gastro” comes from just gastronomy, not necessarily molecular gastronomy.

  3. Ken Wilson 17 Oct 2011 at 11:41 AM

    I was a DJ in Charlotte during the 80’s. Is this the same Andy that used to spin during that time? We were with DDK. i’ve wonndered about him over the years. I’ve resided in Atlanta for 20 years.