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Homelessness, the secession of Ballantyne, and Cam Newton, on the first 282 of 2012

Posted on 11 Jan 2012 by Justin Ruckman

282 is back for 2012, and gearing up to our full broadcast launch on Jan 30th!

On this week’s episode we talk about:

  • Homelessness in Charlotte: The recent debut of the film “Souls of Our Neighbors” turned the spotlight, once again, on the issue of homelessness in Charlotte. As the film (and recent news stories) outlined, the problem has actually increased in the last five years. That said, what are the chances that we can actually eradicate and significantly decrease homelessness in the city— especially by the time the DNC rolls around?
  • Ballantyne’s proposed secession: Talk about Ballantyne breaking off from Charlotte proper and forming it’s own town/city has recently started to gain steam. How do you feel about the possible separation of Ballantyne — and will this be a boon or spell doom for Charlotte?
  • Cam Newton: Now that we almost have a full season of football behind us, what has been the impact of Cam Newton on Charlotte?
  • Charlotte’s New Year’s resolutions: What do you want to see happen in Charlotte in 2012?

Carlton is joined this week by the following panel:

  • Lawrence Shaheen: Host of State of Meck and Partner at Carolina Political Consulting
  • Terry Deboo: Member of the Chamber
  • Jack Brayboy: Host of Charlotte Small Business Spotlight

Thanks to everyone who watched our live stream of this week’s show. Stay tuned at cltblog.com/live at noon on Mondays for our next taping!

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