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Amy Sanders at Garinger HS

KCCI Charlotte wraps up

Posted on 28 Jul 2008 by Ben Ullman

On Thursday, May 29, catalysts and sponsors of the Knight Creative Community Initiative gathered one last time in the boardroom at the Foundation for the Carolinas on North Tryon Street. We came to review the progress of the past year, hear updates from the remaining active teams, and discuss where we go from here.

Major updates

The big news of the day came from the International Corridor team. You can read more about this project here. They anticipate their project’s completion by the end of the year, with the installation of mosaic artwork on trash cans along several blocks of Central Avenue. Working with mosaic artist Amy Sanders, students at Garinger High School created their own works of mosaic art, upon which the final designs will be based. Students and organizers celebrated the completion of this collaborative portion of the project with an ice cream social at the high school. The KCCI team also presented two students with scholarships for summer sessions at the Light Factory.

Go green

The Green 100 team also gave an update on the status of their project, which has been handed off to a large local organization with the resources to see it through properly. Details are being kept fairly hush-hush for the time being, but we can tell you that an Arts & Sciences Council grant application has been submitted, and this organization is exploring the possibility of bringing this major auto-related green event to Charlotte in the next couple years.

And more

The remaining teams did not have news to report, but have made notable progress over the course of the year. The Blog team investigated ways in which local organizations are engaging with the community, and the ways that media organizations and individuals are reporting, aggregating, and accessing this information using new technologies. The Creativity Festival team partnered with local universities and other organizations to promote invention, innovation, and creativity competitions for both students and professionals in Charlotte. The e-Merging Arts team met early success with an art show in Morrison at South Park, which created many new connections and opportunities for all involved. And the Third Space team has investigated facilities and services for shared on-demand office space, in hopes of bringing coworking to Charlotte.

Is this the end?

Well… yes… and no. Knight Foundation funding and support of this project has run its course, and KCCI as we have known it has come to an end. The website, CharlotteIs.Us probably will not remain for long, and I’m not sure if I’ll continue to maintain the Facebook group in its current form, but the spirit and ideas that have brought us together will continue on. We’ve agreed that we’d like to stay in touch via some low-maintenance means and continue adding others to the network, so we’ve set up a Google group, which will allow us to communicate and connect as needed. We are all active in other parts of the Charlotte community, and we will strengthen all of our networks by adding the new connections we’ve made and will continue to make.

Come connect at the Charlotte Creative Catalysts Google Group.

FYI, here are a bunch of other ways you can get involved in the Charlotte cultural community (thanks to the Charlotte Chamber for many of these links!):

What are you up to? Please post your own ideas/groups in the comments!


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    Ben Ullman 28 Jul 2008 at 1:54 PM

    FYI, Charlotte Creative Catalysts (the spinoff group I mention in the article) is now on Twitter. Find & follow at http://twitter.com/cltcc

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