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CMS, local food, and Harold Cogdell, on the latest episode of 282 w/ Carlton Hargro

Posted on 12 Dec 2011 by Justin Ruckman

See previously: our inaugural episode of 282 last week.

Continuing our new weekly current events roundup, we look at three new topics this week:

  • CMS: Will the real CMS please stand up? Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools received another major recognition last week — for leading other big cities on national reading and math tests. Add that to a number of other accolades recently bestowed on the school system (like the Broad Prize). At the same time, CMS is regularly criticized for violence in schools, low test scores, student re-segregation and teacher layoffs. So which one is it? How can CMS be both a failing system — and a top-notch one?
  • Local food: Over the course of 2011, Charlotte became home to several new, independently owned restaurants (like Fern, Halcyon, etc.) — challenging the old notion that the Q.C. is just a place for chain-restaurants. So, does this mean that the city is finally on its way to being known as “food town”?
  • Harold Cogdell: This week, County Commissioner Harold Cogdell (on this, his second try) successfully ousted Jennifer Roberts as Commission chair. This seemingly bloodthirsty move against a fellow Democrat put him in league with Republicans like Bill James — and out of sorts with many of the people who voted for him and commissioners from his own party. Which begs the question: Who is Harold Cogdell?

Carlton is joined today by the following panel:

Thanks to everyone who watched today at noon during our live stream of the show’s taping. We’ll continue these streams going forward, so feel free to tune into at noon for our next taping.

We’ll return in January for a couple more online-only test episodes, and hopefully a brand new set. Then we’ll begin broadcast on WTVI starting January 30th!

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  1. Carlton Hargro 12 Dec 2011 at 11:57 PM

    One clarification … I didn’t write that story about acting for … I edited it, but didn’t write it. Michaela Duckett wrote it. Sorry about that Michaela! I’m getting old.

  2. Benjamin Vincent 16 Dec 2011 at 1:52 PM

    Yes, someone from the Charlotte area E-mailed me this, the second episode of “282 w/ Carlton Hargro.” I’m sure the E-mail was sent because one of the speakers, Matthew Vincent just happens to share my last name. I must admitt, after watching this production called 282, I am left with wnating to know more about Charlotte and seeing it through the eyes of Matthew Vincent. His responce to questions were brillant and he has it! IT meaning that gift that people a very few individuals have to captivate and audience. I was also impressed with the shows host, Carlton Hargro. You guys have a rare oppertunity to really take off with 282. Just keep your host and individuals like Matthew Vincent. God Bless and Merry Christmas, Benjamin