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Video of Amelie’s founder Lynn St. Laurent speaking at the White House

Posted on 12 Dec 2011 by Justin Ruckman

It’s hard to let a video like this pass by without posting. If you haven’t already seen it, Lynn St. Laurent of Amelie’s French Bakery was recently invited to the White House, along with a select pool of other entrepreneurs and small business owners around the country, to share her thoughts and experiences.

Some video from her time there was released a few weeks ago on the White House’s official blog.

When a beloved bakery shut its doors, Lynn St. Laurent saw an opportunity where most of her neighbors just saw a loss. St. Laurent had overcome medical and financial troubles in her past and, despite having had no experience operating a restaurant or in food service at all, her entrepreneurial spirit spurred the idea of opening a place of her own. Amélie’s French Bakery opened its doors in NoDa, the historical art district in Charlotte, North Carolina in May, 2008 and despite the ongoing economic crisis, has become a community go-to spot for a hot cup of coffee, a sweet treat, and a comfortable place to relax, do work, and socialize, 24 hours a day.

Amélie’s now has over 70 employees and a second location. St. Laurent is proud that her hiring philosophy has not only helped grow her business but changed people’s lives. ‘We employ many people who have employment barriers, including women who are getting ready to come out of prison, people coming out of rehab programs, and those who are just trying to lift themselves up. Our policies in the work place are built around understanding the amazing difference it can make when people with challenges are given a place where they are accepted…and encouraged to grow.’”

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