Bananas, Occupy, and the NBA in CLT, on the first episode of 282 w/ Carlton Hargro | CLT Blog

Bananas, Occupy, and the NBA in CLT, on the first episode of 282 w/ Carlton Hargro

Posted on 5 Dec 2011 by Justin Ruckman

What happens when Charlotte’s best media-makers and personalities get together to break down our city’s latest news and ideas, in a way that’s fresh, accessible, and openly opinionated?

We’ll let you know when we find out!

That’s why we created 282. Along with host Carlton Hargro, and the creative talent at WTVI, we’ll be taking a second look at our city through the eyes of its own bloggers, writers, artists, thinkers, performers, civic leaders … the list goes on ad infinitum.

This show is in beta, meaning we’re just getting started. We’re shooting a handful of online-only episodes, and will begin weekly broadcast on WTVI, Mondays at 6:30pm, starting January 302012.

In addition to our TV broadcast, we’ll be live-streaming our shows online each Monday at noon, starting next week, at Put us on during your lunch break! And send tweets to @282tv (or use our #282 hashtag) to interact with our hosts and panelists — we’ll put you on the air!

For our innagural episode, we have some great guests:

  • Larken Egleston (@Larken)
  • Rhi Fionn (@RhiFionn), Creative Loafing
  • Mark Washburn, Charlotte Observer

… and we talk about a few things we think are interesting this week:

  • Occupy Charlotte: We haven’t really heard much about the local leg of the movement in the past month. What’s happening?
  • Chiquita Banana: Is CLT bananas? Does the company warrant the $23 million in incentives its been given to relocate to Charlotte? Or is this a major score?
  • Basketball: Going two months without NBA basketball, has anyone — especially Uptown bars, restaurants and tourists — noticed? And what have we done to fill in the void?

We also feature a video editorial from local writer and 282 Producer, Jarvis Holliday (@HollidayInk), asking us the question, “do we really care?”.

Thanks to all involved in today’s production for getting in on the ground level, and bearing with us while we get our feelers.

And props to Marley Carroll, a CLT native living and working in Asheville, who created our awesome theme music.

We want to make something special, something worth watching. So we want to know what you think we should talk about, how we should present it, what you like and don’t like. Hit us up day or night on Twitter at @282tv, tell us your thoughts. Want to be on an upcoming episode? Let us know!

We’re excited to get started, and have a lot more in store. Tune in next week at noon at!


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  2. Mrs. Peet Holliday 6 Dec 2011 at 10:37 PM

    I truly enjoyed watching and listening to the show. I pray everything will continue to go well for the show. I wish everyone much success as the show “Must Go On”.

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