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Drinking Liberally in Charlotte

Posted on 16 Apr 2009 by Desiree Kane


There are few things in this world as rewarding as cheap vino and a welcoming host when attending an event, let alone attending an event based around politics. Yes, there is a place you can go to speak openly and candidly in Charlotte to not only get a good deal on 1/2 priced wine but also be welcomed warmly by a healthy and eclectic mixture of educated individuals who meet to chat government policy, local economic strife, sustainable housing initiatives, the list goes on …


Drinking Liberally meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, starting around 7pm at Dolce Vita on North Davidson in NoDa (3205 North Davidson Street).

The people are warm and, in a rare show of honest human altruism, actually care to hear other viewpoints that may or may not coincide with their own. Marcus Williams (@speaktruth2pwr on Twitter, Pecha Kucha alum), Mark Campbell, & Libby Ringwald host the (free!) bi-weekly event where attendees are encouraged to put their views out there, learn about others, socialize, and commiserate in a non-confrontational manner… all around the most common substance in the world known and loved for bringing people together: alcohol.

Drinking Liberally is a social club intent on taking the taboo out of talking politics. It is a left-leaning group of progressive thinking, like-minded folks of all ages hailing from all over the Charlotte area. The venue, Dolce Vita, hosts an equally as eclectic wine selection so come, share yourself, share your views and share a beer with this fantastic display of truly kind, intelligent, and forward thinking group of people.

Drinking Liberally is a nation-wide organization. You can learn more on the main website, on the Charlotte chapter’s page, and on the Charlotte chapter’s MySpace.

photos: Mark Campbell; view these photos on Flickr


  1. Mike 21 Apr 2009 at 2:14 PM

    It’s sad that there is only like 10 people there. I was hoping there would be more people but Charlotte is a conservative city :-(

  2. Speaktruth2pwr 21 Apr 2009 at 7:57 PM

    Mike, you would be surprised. Drinking Liberally Charlotte has a little more than 420 people on our email list. Half of which have been to 3 or more events. Although I will agree that given the political climate, turnout should be higher.