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Online networking event: Staying Ahead Carolina’s Spring Showcase

Posted on 31 Mar 2009 by Sabrina Brown

image credit: NCBrian; view this photo on Flickr

Networking group Staying Ahead Carolina is having its Spring Showcase online this Friday, April 3, and you are invited. Businesses and professionals around Charlotte are welcome to share any skills, talents, and business offerings that are in bloom this Spring! Hear the stories of photographers, marketers, attorneys, CPA’s, boutiques, craftsman, etc. in and around your neighborhood, and how they are helping to build a better Charlotte. Everyone has a story, and I would love to hear your story too. All are invited to showcase their talents in this business networking forum! I’ll be moderating follow up discussions and try to build connections among those who participate. 

To take part: go to the Facebook group page and sign up in advance. I’ll post the prompt at midnight, and the first person to respond on Friday, April 3 will receive a gift certificate for a massage. All will, of course, benefit from the conversation. If you don’t wish to participate in Facebook but would like to be a part of the showcase, you are welcome to subscribe and receive the prompt automatically via our blog.

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