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Amazing Race Bar Crawl

Amazing Race Bar Crawl

Posted on 8 Mar 2009 by Justin Ruckman

video: Justin Ruckman; watch this video on Vimeo

Anyone participate in the Amazing Race Bar Crawl yesterday? From the event’s website:

Teams of 5 race to a series of bars to complete the race. At each destination teams will have to purchase 5 drinks (each teammate can drink a beer, shot or mixed drink — whichever he/she prefers) and complete a challenge. Each challenge will offer teams various rewards and penalties including possible additions or deductions to the team’s time. Challenges will also determine whether the team is given an easy or difficult clue to the next destination.”

James Willamor and I were already uptown interviewing some local filmmakers when we saw the competing teams running around, and of course, had to capture some video and photos.

photos: James WIllamor; view these photos on Flickr

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