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Mike Collins talks Charlotte 49er Football with Athletic Director Judy Rose

Posted on 4 Mar 2009 by Justin Ritchie

photo: Kevin Harbin; view this photo on Flickr

Much of my undergraduate career was devoted to building student support for football at UNC Charlotte through the Student Government Association and as ’07-’08 Student Body President.

Disclaimer: I think that the collegiate athletic scene in the United States is ridiculous. I prefer the international model of investing in students as opposed to sports. But a simple reality check demonstrates that quality institutions like Charlotte won’t be able to gain any sort of quality notoriety locally or in the south without a football team. Additionally, students and alums want to pay for it so why not?

If you are new to Charlotte and want to know the history and story behind UNC Charlotte football, check out this great interview with Charlotte 49ers Athletic Director Judy Rose and WFNZ’s Mike Collins. At 23 minutes in, Judy and Mike talk about the Student Government vote on football that was close to my heart.


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