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Interview with George A. Romero

Interview with George A. Romero

Posted on 22 Feb 2009 by Justin Ruckman

video: Justin Ruckman, Eric Button, & Justin Ritchie; watch this video on Vimeo

The American Zombie event this weekend, featuring George A. Romero, a ton of film screenings, and a zombie party at Amos’s last night, is wrapping up today. People have come from all over, including Ryan Boyles (@therab), who paid a high price, totalling his car in front of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find in an attempt to meet Romero at a book signing.

CLT Blog had a chance to sit down with Romero a couple days ago. We talked to him about a range of stuff, including his history, his filmmaking philosophies, but most importantly, his take on the zombie mythos.

Special thanks to Dee Grano and The Light Factory for making this interview possible, and being so accommodating to us with the various American Zombie events.

This video is almost 20 minutes long, so here’s a list of the key parts of the interview, and what time they fall at, so you can skip around if you like:

  • 00:32 - Why have your films stood the test of time?
  • 01:53 - How do your films translate into other cultures?
  • 03:43 — Are you conscious of a particular message in your films?
  • 05:05 — George talks about an upcoming project
  • 06:05 — Do you like big or small budgets/productions?
  • 09:15 — Why is the zombie movie genre, and the mythos around it, so popular?
  • 10:25 — Why did the name “zombie” stick? (He originally called them “ghouls”.)
  • 12:11 — Computer effects or mechanical effects?
  • 13:40Lightning round questions, including: chainsaw vs. shotgon, fast vs. slow zombies, why Pittsburgh?, do zombies ever satiate their hunger?, and more
  • 18:01 — Wrapping up

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