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Crossroads Charlotte

Crossroads Charlotte

Posted on 3 Feb 2009 by Justin Ruckman

Crossroads Charlotte trailer, watch this video on YouTube

We asked on Twitter a couple weeks ago who would be attending the premiere of the Crossroads Charlotte film tonight, and got a variety of responses from enthusiasm to confusion. It’s too late to RSVP a ticket at this point, but the content from the film will be available in a matter of hours on their brand new website. Props to Russ Communications and Studiobanks, among others, for their hard work realizing this creative project.

In a nutshell, the project (including the film, website, and a number of outreach efforts) depicts Charlotte in the year 2015 if it were to follow any one of four distinct paths, ranging from bleak to progressive.

We’ll talk about Crossroads in more detail, including the project’s future, at a later date. For now, keep an eye on the Crossroads Charlotte website, which will officially launch tonight.


  1. Jusitn 3 Feb 2009 at 11:13 PM

    Ah. Was definitely confused by the Twitter comments. Sounds great though.

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