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A whole new way to promote your business in Charlotte!

Posted on 30 Aug 2011 by Justin Ruckman

OK, maybe not entirely new. CLT Blog has been around for over three years now, and while we’ve offered promotional opportunities through our site before, we’ve never standardized this, or really even tried to spread the word.

That stops today. We’ve taken a hard look at the best ways we can serve the local business community, and come up with our three best offerings:

  1. Sponsored content
  2. Live events
  3. Display ads

Read our full overview over at our new media kit, or let me break these down a bit:

Sponsored content is basically putting our production and editorial skills to use in telling the story of your business or organization. We already provide some of this coverage, from a news perspective, every day on CLT Blog. But we usually can’t afford to go as in-depth, or be as specific, as many businesses would like. That’s where our sponsored content comes in. Take a piece we did for Amelie’s French Bakery a ways back, which we shot using four time-lapse cameras over the course of 24 hours. We’d love to work with you and your organization to do something just as cool and creative.

Live events involve us filming and broadcasting local events on the internet, bridging your business or organization’s physical audience with your following online, live-tweeting and soliciting feedback throughout.

And finally display ads, while not as cutting-edge as our other two methods, are a solid way to cement your brand and message to all the other young, tech-savvy readers that follow us every day.

Read more about our demographic breakdown, our specific offerings and our prices over on our media kit. And drop us a line at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading through this bit of housekeeping, we now return you to your regularly scheduled local coverage. :)

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