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Eyewitnesses report on US Airways flight 1549 crash, Charlotte-bound

Posted on 15 Jan 2009 by Justin Ruckman

As new information surfaces we’ll update here.

In short: US Airways flight 1549 crashed at 3:03 pm eastern, shortly after taking off, into the Hudson River, the result of colliding with a flock of geese. All passengers were able to escape.

Witnesses with cameras and twitter accounts broke the news first. Here are some of the most notable sources.

  • Janis Krums (@jkrums on Twitter) broke some of the first news with this picture:
  • Gregory Lan was nearby and has taken a lot of pictures. You can find them all on his Flickr account, or see a couple of the best below:

  • Heather Dueitt (@hdueitt on Twitter) saw the aftermath of the crash from her office building a block away and walked down to the river, where she talked to other witnesses.
  • Dennis Stratton (@dhstratton27 on Twitter) also witnessed the crash from outside his window.
  • See the Huffington Post’s extensive overview coverage, interviews with survivors, and interviews with witnesses. Their sources are a mix of citizens and mainstream media.


  1. erik button 16 Jan 2009 at 3:42 AM

    man I really wanted to write this article and make it sound like another viral advertisement for Lost which is coming out next week but your to quick!

  2. Ross McCulloch 19 Jan 2009 at 2:44 PM

    I’m delighted to say Janis Krums (@jkrums) has agreed to take questions from followers of my blog, Third Sector Forums’ users and folks on twitter. The best questions will be posed to Janis and the full interview will be posted on The Lab.

    So what are you waiting for…you can add your questions to the comments section of the post: http://thirdsectorlab.co.uk

    I’ll be taking questions over the next 24hrs, right up until 20:30 GMT on 19th January 2009.