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Israel-Gaza war protest in uptown Charlotte, redux

Israel-Gaza war protest in uptown Charlotte, redux

Posted on 12 Jan 2009 by Justin Ruckman

video credit: MarvReporter

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Pat Campbell from Hope of Israel contacted me, concerned that I hadn’t shown any pictures of pro-Israel supporters. (I actually did, but only one, and arguably not very representative.) My response and hers following are as such (portions omitted):

Me: I don’t think I got there in time. When I showed up, there were only the anti-war protestors, and a few pro-Israel people walking away w/ flags, or occasionally driving by.

Pat: It look like there were about 350 or more pro-Israel people and maybe 6075 anti-Israe/pro-gaza folks there. The anti-Israel crowd was pretty hostile and vocal, the pro-Israel crowd was, I thought, sad to see the attitude that the PA people displayed. A carload of Arab youth rode by us and four hands out of each window gave us ‘the finger’–I don’t know if that means ‘salaam’ in Arabic, but around here it isn’t very nice. :) One Arab man with a Palestinian flag came and stood in our midst on ‘our side’ of the street in the middle of our rally. I had an Israeli flag over my shoulder and thought that I would introduce myself to him. He refused to talk to me, look at me, or to shake my hand, though I asked him twice. So much for meaningful dialogue. When I left I needed to go where they were standing to get to my car. I could have crossed three other crosswalks and gone around them, but, this is my country, my city. So, I politely walked across to the other side with my flag where they were. There were a few things said to me, I did speak to a man who was about my age, and said “I pray God’s peace be upon you.” A small, Palestinian woman asked me if I believed it is right to kill children. An obviously loaded question that shouldn’t be answered in that context. I asked her, “what about the abuses of Hamas against the Palestinians in Gaza? Where’s the outcry against that.” She said there was no such thing. There is no reasoning if we cannot face the facts. (…) There is too much anger and too many lies.

Pat is looking for pictures of the pro-Israel crowd, and if she finds some we will repost them here.

Apparently, the pro-Israel crowd was significantly larger, and disassembled right before I arrived. The Charlotte Observer has a nice photo gallery, and there’s a citizen-produced YouTube video as well, which I’ve embedded above.


  1. JamesWillamor 12 Jan 2009 at 6:11 AM

    Thanks for this update. I was curious about this, because from what I had seen of the Observer’s photos, it seemed as if the two rallies happened simultaneously. It seems now that the Israeli rally ended before the Palestinian rally.

    I think an important thing for all of us to remember is that as Charlotte becomes more diverse, out community includes people from many different countries and cultures. Any time there is a conflict in the world like that in Israel and Gaza, some of our neighbors will have friends or loved ones affected — on each side of the conflict.