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Thanks to volunteers, Hall House will soon provide shelter for 100 homeless families

Posted on 4 Jan 2009 by James Willamor

The historic Hall House, built in 1940 on Tryon Street as a luxury hotel, sat vacant and in a state of disrepair until just recently. Several charities and government organizations came together to renovate the Charlotte Housing Authority property in order to provide temporary housing for some of the city’s 2,000-plus homeless children and their mothers.

Volunteers showed up by the hundreds January 2nd and 3rd to work on the old structure and prepare it for occupancy. Six floors, each with twenty 600-square-foot units, had to be thoroughly cleaned, painted, have repairs made, and have furniture and beds delivered. Many parents who volunteered brought along their children to help. Three generations of the one family I spoke with showed up Saturday to help with preparations.

Due to fire regulations, all the old stoves had to be removed. Each kitchen will have a working refrigerator and sink, and every floor will have a microwave.  A volunteer stated that the bunk beds were built by local Boy Scouts, and that all bedding such as pillowcases, sheets, and blankets have to be new and unused due to health regulations. Many sets of blankets, sporting numbers and bright logos of race car drivers, were donated by NASCAR. Much of the furniture, such as chairs and nightstands, were donated by a local hotel.

Twenty children and their mothers are expected to begin moving in later this week, with 20 more each following week until the Hall House is home to 100 families. The Hall House is planned to be only a temporary shelter, and volunteers hope to find many of the residents permanent housing by July.

The Hall House is still in need of donations and supplies such as bedding material. If you would like to help, please contact A Child’s Place.

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  1. Melva Powe 16 Apr 2009 at 10:49 PM

    This place is God-send to families in need. I knew of the homeless situation in Charlotte, just by seeing people on the street and watching the news. I have always felt a place in my heart for people in this situation and feel really thankful for what I have, that I at times, take for granted. But recently it came close to home. My own daughter and her children were able to recieve help from Hall House, when they absolutely had no where else to turn thanks to the heart of a teacher. The thought of a young mother and young girls out on the street makes me sick to my stomach andwhen its your own child, that has no place for words. I send out a great big hug and THANK YOU to all the volunteers and people who help these families with children every day. God Bless You All.