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Another Merrie Kinninnik, a Christmas compilation

Posted on 17 Dec 2008 by Justin Ruckman


Check out Charlotte-based Kinninnik Records’ Christmas 2008 Christmas compilation: Another Merrie Kinninnik. Features local acts such as Yardwork; Andy the Door Bum; Calabi Yau; George Brazil; Black Congo, NC; and Jail Sucks.

You can download it from MediaFire here. Hat tip to @CharlotteMusic and for the good word. If you have problems, let us know — we can host a mirror.

The album is 77 minutes long with 20 tracks:

01 — Javier “Jingle Bells“
02 — Buschovski “Merry Christmastime“
03 — Yardwork “Tricker Treating“
04 — Human Pippi Armstrong “Snowman Mail Your Message“
05 — Marie Byrd Land and Uncle Own Aunt Beru “All Out Of Darkness“
06 — Andy the Door Bum “It’s Getting Cold“
07 — Bob Fields “Christmas psst.“
08 — Calabi Yau “Don’t Touch My Ho Ho, Cause That’s A No No“
09 — George Brazil “The Number One Song In Heaven“
10 — Foxchase “December 26th
11 — Tenspeed “Xmas song(s)“
12 – Robby Owen Hale “1989
13 — Black Congo, NC “James Brown Day Parade“
14 — Lani And Her Button Collection “Winter Threads“
15 — Sonic Death Rabbit “WHAM! LastXmas“
16 — Coma League “Into The New Year“
17 — Ultimate Optimist “Russ“
18 — Uncle Own Aunt Beru “Swarming Hearts Around Christmas Lights“
19 — Peace In “The Good Night“
20 — Unsolved Mysteries “Blood“
21 — Javier “Little Drummer Boy“
22 — Jail Sucks “Mike Watt, Christmas Valentine”

In their own words:

We can’t describe how proud we are of how this compilation turned out. It is amazing, definitely warrants repeated listening, and every track is solid. 77 minutes may sound a bit daunting, but throw it own when you’re hanging around the house this season. You will feel it.

This thing is FREE! We will try to keep a steady stream of these on the counter at Lunchbox Records, the coolest spot in town. They’re going fast, and as of now there are only 200 color copies. Because of cost, subsequent copies will be black and white. The art work KILLS. We will post the entire comp through a sharing site. In the next day or so. Feel free to download and share if you’re unable to get a physical copy. If you have any questions or special requests for copies, please message us here.

Merrie Kinnikinnik,

–B & E”

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