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Warehouse Gallery Night

Posted on 9 Dec 2008 by Matthew Tyndall

date: Saturday, December 13th
when: 12:008:00pm
where: The Gallery @ Warehouse

Charlotte-based painter and sketch artist Jonathan Grauel has returned to the Charlotte art scene after tragically slicing three fingers off his drawing hand with a table saw in December 2007. Grauel’s new show, “Villages,” explores the process of creating his work from before and after the injury and subsequent re-attachment of two fingers.”

The Gallery @ Warehouse is offering another night with artist Jonathan Grauel this Saturday if you missed it last weekend. I have seen Jonathan’s work before and his new works, “Villages”, are simply amazing. I would encourage everyone to go check out his work, even if you can’t make it Friday. “Villages” will be on display at The Gallery @ Warehouse until the first of the year. To see more of Jonathan’s works check out his Flickr profile.

Also check out Warehouse and Jonathan Grauel’s Studio.

*Update* If you would like to meet with Jonathan he will be there from 2-4pm.

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