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CATS route changes

Posted on 19 Jun 2008 by

Effective early this month, many of the CATS routes have adjusted their schedules to allow for easier connections with the Lynx Blue Line and at the Charlotte Transportation Center.

Please visit the CATS website to see if your route has been affected.

On a personal note: The CATS group is very good about alerting their riders to upcoming changes, usually by hanging bilingual fliers on the buses. I remember reading one of those around this time last year, and noted that most of the route changes were due to “low ridership.” This time around, most were for better connections and to accomodate the “increased ridership.” So, whether this is due to the rising gas prices, or the planners at CATS have gotten more insightful — I can’t say. I just know I’m thrilled to see public transit take hold in Charlotte.

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