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The Give Thanks Gathering this Saturday night

The Give Thanks Gathering this Saturday night

Posted on 29 Nov 2008 by James Willamor

What: The Give Thanks Gathering
Where: Double Door Inn
When: Nov 29, 8pm
Cost: Four bands for $10

Saturday night one of Charlotte’s famous live music venues, the Double Door Inn, will be hosting The Give Thanks Gathering; a big reggae/hip-hop/punk show. Local and regional bands performing include Bums Lie, Chalwa, and One Big Love, with special guests Satta Tribe. Ten dollars gets you in at 8pm, and drink specials include $2.50 Busch/PBR cans, $3 Molson, and $4 Kind Beer Pale Ale.

One Big Love

One Big Love at the Philosopher’s Stone by James Willamor

I had the opportunity to see One Big Love at the Philosopher’s Stone Tavern on the night of November 1st. Three days before the 2008 Presidential Election and North Carolina had become a battle ground state with McCain and Obama in a statistical dead heat. Yet as local hip-hop and reggae group One Big Love performed, there were several mentions of candidates who were not on the ballot, including an impromptu song about the election.

I don’t want to vote for McCain. I don’t want to vote for Obama. I want to write in Jesus. I want to write in reggae. I want to write in Ron Paul.”

We all grew up in the country,” Josh says before the show. Brothers Josh and Jason, along with DJ Rick Gee, form the core of the group. They aren’t afraid to share their views on rap, politics, and growing up in rural North Carolina. “What we’d like to accomplish with out music is to get people to open up their mind. It’s got to happen with a revolution of information,” says Jason. “Do you think all them rich folk out there care about what’s going on here?”

Listening to their music you get a message different than most hip-hop on the radio today. Lyrically and occasionally musically the group is similar to Colorado intelli-rap group The Flobots, who speak of social justice with religious overtimes. Josh says about their style, “We’re anti-bling, we don’t rhyme about any of that. It’s so country and so real. We don’t say one thing about Cadillacs. We didn’t grow up like that. And people out there rhyme about it that don’t have it, like Jason says ‘congratulations on being wack.’”

You can, however, expect to hear mentions of cornbread, brim fishing, and doubts in the two-party political system changing the status quo any time soon.

In addition to having released a full length album, Earth Music for Spacelings, One Big Love enjoys getting new music to their fans by posting videos on Youtube.


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