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NC redistricting heats up! Video & maps in the latest edition of The State of Mecklenburg

Posted on 21 Jul 2011 by Larry Shaheen Jr.

Yesterday Republican Chairman of the North Carolina Senate Redistritcing Committee Senator Bob Rucho and Chairman of the House committee Rep. David Lewis released the second draft of the congressional districts that would determine the districts from which North Carolina citizens would elect their representative to the US House of Representatives.

Redistricting is a process by which maps for the US House as well as the NC House and Senate are redrawn following the census.

For the first time in over 100 years the Republicans seized control of the NC House and Senate for the first time and they now control the drawing of the maps. Governor Bev Perdue has no veto power over these maps and is reduced to sitting and watching (and commenting) from the sidelines.

So why is this important? Lots of reasons, most importantly being that the ability to draw your maps allows you to help keep your party in power for years to come.

Earlier this month the first draft of the Congressional maps was released. You can view it here (PDF), and as you can see shifts several of the districts around.

The second draft of the map came out yesterday (PDF) and made some radical changes to the first draft and also double bunked (placed in the same district) Mike McIntyre and Larry Kissell.

The North Carolina General Assembly House of Representatives map (PDF) was released last week and makes some serious changes not only to Mecklenburg, but to the entire state. These changes have come under fire from some in the Democratic party as packing African American voters into districts, but the Republican leadership maintains that they are drawing these maps and going about the process in a completely “fair and legal” way. An interesting note about the Mecklenburg Delegation, while some districts have double-bunking, in Mecklenburg there are no such placements. Every representative is placed individually in a district and two additional open districts (92 and 106) have been created.

The NC Senate map (PDF) was released the same day as the House map and also makes some pretty drastic changes to Mecklenburg County as the State as well.  As with the House map, no current senator in Mecklenburg has been displaced and a new Senate district has been created to serve the North and South small town areas of Mecklenburg County.

With these changes having been made and a desire to inform the public, several colleagues and myself got together earlier this week to discuss how redistricting will affect Mecklenburg County and the state as a whole. It’s the latest edition of The State of Mecklenburg and you can watch it here.

Join Democratic Consultant Dan McCorkle, Catawba College Associate Professor of Politics Michael Bitzer, Charlotte City Council District 7 representative Warren Cooksey, Assistant to Mecklenburg County Manager in charge of Legislative Affairs Brian Francis, and myself as we talk redistricting.

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