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The North Carolina primaries actually matter: vote on Tuesday

Posted on 4 May 2008 by Justin Ritchie

For the first time in many generations, the North Carolina primary will actually matter to the nation and its presidential candidates. In Charlotte, this has resulted in Uptown visits from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with events including many supporters, like Bill Clinton, at UNC Charlotte.

As early voting wrapped up over the weekend, I saw nearly 600 people in line at the University City Library on Saturday May 3rd (the nearest early voting location to UNC Charlotte). In the pictures above, you can see the lines that will keep me from voting until election day. I spoke with members of Jim Neal’s campaign for Senate today, who reported over a thousand in line at certain times during the day. Some of my friends on campus said they waited over three hours to cast their ballots.

Voting locations are open for Tuesday all across the city; use the polling place locator tool on the State Board of Elections website to find the location nearest you.


  1. Marty 5 May 2008 at 6:01 PM

    I’ll be so glad when this is over. I’ve had 9 calls from Hillary Obama bots today. You’d think they’d notice that I’m a registered REPUBLICAN! Gee whiz.