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Football comes to UNC Charlotte, first video ad released

Football comes to UNC Charlotte, first video ad released

Posted on 17 Nov 2008 by Justin Ritchie

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How could the board vote no to football after this commercial?

Today marked an historic moment for the city of Charlotte and its public research university: college football is officially on the way. At the November 13th meeting of the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees, the years of waiting and relentless work from 49er football advocates finally paid off in the form of a unanimous approval to kickoff in 2013.

photo credit: Justin Ritchie

The main concern for football supporters heading into the meeting centered around how the trustees would react to the changes in the global economic climate after UNC Charlotte Chancellor Phil Dubois presented his pro-football recommendation in late September. More sobering was Dubois’ report to the board at the start of the meeting where he stated that the institution was preparing for a likely 6% budget cut.

But the tone quickly changed when Dr. Dubois took to the podium to begin the football discussion later in the meeting. The trustees said in September that they would approach the decision with much hesitation if less than 1,000 seat licenses had been sold by November. The most recent numbers indicated that 4,169 Football Seat Licenses or FSLs had been pledged by 1629 people, an average of about 4 being sold per person. Seventy percent of those FSLs came from non-Athletic Foundation members, meaning that people who don’t usually support the university financially were those that had bought the seat licenses. Most astoundingly was that the university has not marketed the FSLs in the least, all of them were pledged by people who sought the FSLs out.

Next the Charlotte 49er football marketing campaign was revealed by Steve Luquire, the director of LGA.

Luquire spoke about the goals of the upcoming marketing plan: generating awareness, building an emotional connection between the city and UNC Charlotte football, informing the city about the process of adding football, building the brand of 49er football. One idea proposed to build the brand of the future team was through sonic marketing. Sonic marketing, as explained by Mr. Luquire, builds instant recall of a  idea through a distinct and recognizable tones.

But most impressive was the commercial that LGA, “threw together in a week”, shown at the top of this post. You can also view it on YouTube.

Board chair, Ruth Shaw, then took the podium and asked for questions. Trustee Jim Babb asked how the timeline would be altered if the fundraising results failed to meet the timeline required for kickoff in 2013. The general consensus was that this was a decision to do football no matter what. Dubois stated, “we will not bankrupt this university”, explaining that if the money wasn’t there, they would push the kickoff date back or reduce the scale of the vision at that time.

With an assurance of proper financial priorities provided to the board, the call for the historic vote returned a unanimous yes for the start of a team.

The cry of the football advocates had long been “The Time is Now” throughout the fight for a team which began with a student government vote over two years ago. And now, the time for Charlotte 49er football truly is now.


  1. buffy 19 Nov 2008 at 2:50 AM

    LGA kicked ass on their presentation video, nice stuff.