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Going carless in Charlotte

Posted on 23 May 2011 by Justin Ruckman

Lila Allen at Charlote Viewpoint recently wrote about her experiences living and working in Charlotte (specifically, Plaza Midwood and Uptown) without owning a car.

In becoming a full-time pedestrian, I’ve come to understand the concepts of cultural and physical proximity more thoroughly, as well as issues of sustainability, public resources, and public art – all of which I bypassed on my daily commute. Most notably, within a couple of days of ditching the Jetta, I noticed that my concept of scale – both physical and personal – had changed. I’m one member of a large community, but when I’m surrounded by what feels like the same crowd of 200 people at every event I attend or work, it’s easy to forget how many other narratives are taking place all over the city. Whether I realize it or not, I’m a participant in those narratives.”

Read more at Charlotte Viewpoint.

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