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The Gregory Brothers & The #DigiTour: Viral Video Madness

The Gregory Brothers & The #DigiTour: Viral Video Madness

Posted on 27 Apr 2011 by Desiree Kane

Yesterday we had the KILLER opportunity to livestream an interview with most of the members of the first ever YouTube national tour, appropriately dubbed The Digitour, when they rolled through the NC Music Factory. While we’re working on getting the video edited, take a gander at @dboling03’s video + blogpost that highlights both YouTube/the performances at The Saloon and Jeff Elder dishing about The Gregory Brothers and their take on having a video go viral!

So I went to see the Digitour last night in Charlotte, NC and met The Gregory Brothers and Mystery Guitar Man Joe. It got me thinking. So I hate to write out my thoughts.

We hear quite a bit about how Social Media is effecting the world. News and information have become near instantaneous. When a natural disaster happens or an evil dictator is challenged by his people, it’s Twitter and Facebook that draws the global attention to it.  Even established and ::cough:: respected news channels are at the mercy of getting their initial information from these sources. The now is in our hands. The hands of every day people engaging and sharing life.

I am happy with this. I ecstatically accept this as a wonderfully magical thing. Twitter and Facebook have become daily companions in my life of which I cherish and the interactions they give me mean just as much to me as my “IRL” (in real life) experiences.

via Imma Land Shark ::CHOMP:: YouTube is the Water of Change.

Now about one-third of the way done, the tour started out west, came south, and now heads north. Michael said the largest house so far is about 600 people in L.A., but that a New York gig might be bigger. […] Justin Ruckman, Matthew Tyndall and Desiree Kane of CLT Blog pulled together a press conference and streamed the live video this afternoon.[…] CLT Blog, the strongest and best independent new media voice in Charlotte, has pulled together many events like this in the past.

The idea of a tour of YouTube stars brings up a question: Do internet stars need to break through to mainstream media to make it in the big time?

It’s not crucial,” says Evan Gregory, brother of band mates Michael and Andrew Gregory, and the wife of band member Sarah Fullen Gregory. “But mainstream media is still the measuring stick of how big you make it, and will be for some time. When we made it in The New York Times, people who wouldn’t have taken us seriously began to.”

via YouTube stars the Gregory Brothers talk viral videos in Charlotte.

Oh, and thanks for the shout-out, Jeff!