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Video: riding around w/ Tornado Alley storm chasers at Discovery Place

Posted on 14 Apr 2011 by Justin Ruckman

Have you seen Tornado Alley in IMAX at Discovery Place yet? Why the heck not?! These guys drive a home-made tank, the “Tornado Intercept Vehicle” or TIV, into the middle of some of the biggest cyclones the midwest has to offer, and film it all on IMAX.

We got a chance to talk with producer/filmmaker/TIV-designer Sean Casey, and ride around w/ TIV driver Marcus Gutierrez. These are some of the coolest guys you could meet.

Brad Panovich (@wxbrad) from WCNC rode along with us as well, and talked about some storm chasing he’ll be doing this summer.

Check out the interview above, and watch the trailer for Tornado Alley if you haven’t already seen it, below.

Tickets are $8 or less at Discovery place, and the film is playing through the end of May.

Want two free tickets?

Tell us your scariest storm story in the comments. We’ll decide the best story by 10pm tonight.


  1. meck 14 Apr 2011 at 11:16 PM

    Once upon a time about one week ago I awoke to booming thunder, torrential rain, and blinding lightning. It was storming in charlotte with mother nature exacting her punishment through downed trees, power outages, and excruciating traffic jams the next day. They say it was the worst storm to hit the queen city since hurricane whats-his-face. Course I didn’t experience grid-lock or damaged property, just three days with no power and limited internet connectivity. And Ill tell you, that’s some scary stuff.

  2. Delfina Amores 25 May 2011 at 1:20 AM

    It’s such a travesty with all these current catastrophes that have been floating round our country. I pray to God to present peace to all the victims and assist them by way of this trying time.