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The story of “The Man With The Penguin Tattoo”

Posted on 8 Apr 2011 by Desiree Kane

I loved seeing this come across my screen this morning. Jeremy Markovich/@deftlyinane has such a great voice in his writing so I figured I’d share this:

Somewhere out there, a guy is walking around with a tattoo of a penguin on his left foot.

To be specific, it’s not just a penguin, it’s The Penguin. The one from the drive-in. The one from the spinning sign at the corner of Commonwealth and Thomas. The Bird. Actually, “Da Bird.” It’s written right there, in ink, right next to the toes.

I find the foot and the guy it belongs to on Facebook. His name is Lee Causey, and he looks scruffy. “You got a tattoo of The Penguin?” I say in a message. “I’m fascinated by this.”

Within a half hour Lee writes back, saying yes, that‘s his foot and he loves the tattoo, and the guys from The Penguin saved his life when he nowhere else to go, and that they might not know it and hey, wait, let me type up the whole story and send it to you right now.

He does. Immediately.

via Deftly Inane: The Man With The Penguin Tattoo.

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