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photo credit: Neb76 via Flickrphoto credit: Neb76 via Flickr

Man dies swimming the Catawba River canal

Posted on 3 Apr 2011 by Justin Ruckman

Via the AP:

BELMONT, N.C. A man trying to swim across a canal in the Catawba River has drowned.

Authorities said 27-year-old Tomas Torres Flores swam across the canal once Friday afternoon, but went under trying to swim back. His body was found by dive teams about two hours later.

The drowning happened at a spot called “Hot Hole,” where warm water from a Duke Energy power plant is released back into the river.

Gaston County Police Capt. Joe Ramey says the area has strong currents and the water can turn surprisingly cold if the plant isn’t discharging warmer water at the time.

Ramey says investigators think alcohol may have been involved.”

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