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Video: inside peek at Packard Place, Charlotte’s uptown hub for entrepreneurs & startups

Posted on 16 Mar 2011 by Justin Ruckman

We got a chance to catch up with Dan Roselli, one of the owners of Packard Place, a 90,000 sq. ft. building uptown currently being converted into a one-of-a-kind space for entrepreneurs and startup businesses.

Packard Place as a building goes back to 1928, when it was originally built as an uptown showroom for Packard cars.

Now the building is being transformed into an interdisciplinary space for for emerging businesses, complete with four floors of wide-open future office space, and individual spaces carved out for a server room, video/photo studio, recording studio, a ground-floor community café, described by Dan as a “free Starbucks for entrepreneurs”, and a rooftop patio and assembly hall with an awesome view of Third Ward.

Construction begins April 1 with a target completion around September-December of this year. The final product will be LEED certified, and maintain what they’re calling an “industrial art deco” aesthetic, true to the building’s roots.

They’re throwing a launch party on March 28, you can RSVP on Meetup here. Follow them on Twitter (@PackardPlaceCLT), Facebook and their website for more.

Don’t miss this video, and get ready to hear a lot more about this space in the next year.

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