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Recent Perdue ad targets Charlotte, criticizes funding roads

Posted on 25 Oct 2008 by Justin Ruckman

The above ad is only running in the Triangle and Triad, not in Charlotte, and seems to single out Charlotte from the rest of the state.

‘The average person sees that ad as us against them, Charlotte versus Raleigh. How do you explain?’ asks Charlotte Observer columnist Tonya Jameson.

Perdue cuts her off and replies, ‘Let me just be direct with you. I hate that kind of phrase as much as the people in Charlotte.’

Perdue says not all of her ads run in every market. And she emphasized that this one is about the mayor, not about dividing Charlotte from the rest of the state. (…)

Perdue again reiterated a frequent message during visits to Charlotte, that as governor she would open an office here.”

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This whole bit is a little silly. Yes McCrory wants increased funding for Charlotte roads at the expense of the current funding for rural roads. But it doesn’t mention things like the $300 million spent on Fayetteville’s interstate loop that carries only 9,000 vehicles a day — more than Charlotte’s Scaleybark Road carries in a day, as has been noted. Meanwhile I-485 remains unfinished and in many places severely constricted.

What do you think?


  1. Tina 25 Oct 2008 at 8:44 AM

    Since you asked, I’ll respond honestly ;)

    I am a native Charlottean, but have also lived in Raleigh (technically in Apex, but commuted to Raleigh). Their inner and outer loop make our I-485 look like something built for horses and buggies.

    That said, I am thoroughly disgusted by the distribution of money between Charlotte, Raleigh, and the rural areas. Charlotte’s population in 2007, according to the US Census, is 671,588. Raleigh’s is 375,806. That’s almost twice as many people commuting. Twice as many taxpayers. And a disproportionate amount of those dollars staying in Raleigh while Charlotteans suffer.

    And Fayetteville has 171,853 people as of 2007. I have no idea if they need a $300 million loop as I have never been there, but for 9,000 cars, I doubt it. I do know that I-485 has not been properly funded and not been finished in a timely manner (and I would also argue improperly planned) considering our population and growth. Not to mention other road construction projects that have been delayed or even canceled because of the budgetary constraints.

    I have not yet voted and have been torn between McCrory and Perdue. I lean toward McCrory (despite some misgivings) solely because of what I hope he could do for Charlotte. We need someone in our corner.

  2. Erik Button 26 Oct 2008 at 12:24 AM

    Politicians spending money unwisely? Impossible.

  3. Matt 27 Oct 2008 at 3:35 AM

    As being a former resident of Fayetteville I can attest they do not need a loop. The road system there is horrible but a loop is crazy. I am not surprised any more by Bev Perdue and her crazy one-sided attack ads. Her campaign is just silly and full of lies. It surprises me how many commercials I see in Fayetteville when I visit that are attack ads again McCrory. I mean people outside of Charlotte have no idea about McCrory, well at least not the way people in Charlotte do. People I know that live in Fayetteville take the ads as truth and might vote that way because of a half truth.