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UNCC 49er baseball hosts the UNC Tarheels

Posted on 23 Apr 2008 by Matthew Tyndall

UNCC’s baseball team hosted UNC-Chapel Hill yesterday in a rematch at Hayes Stadium. The 49ers had hoped they could turn the tables on the Tarheels after a recent 54 game that went into the 12th inning. This wasn’t the case yesterday. UNCC suffered a big defeat and lost 170, the first shutout since 2005.

One good thing that came out of yesterday’s game was the overwhelming attendance. The stadium sold out and onlookers who couldn’t get tickets took up nearly every plot of land around the perimeter. Coming to the campus from Highway 29 you were met by a sea of cars parking in every available opening.

The 49ers’ loss notwithstanding, hopefully the huge crowd and buzz created around it will spark some school spirit so we can sell out more games. With spirit like this, a university football team will not be far behind.


  1. Neil Carpenter 24 Apr 2008 at 9:55 AM

    You say “a university football team will not be far behind” like it’s a good thing.

    It’s a university, a place of higher learning, right? What value does a football team add to it except to divert funds to building stadiums, paying for scholarships, etc, etc?

  2. Matthew Tyndall 24 Apr 2008 at 3:58 PM

    In my opinion I think it brings something else to the table. Yes, a university is a place for higher learning but it’s also a place to enrich the lives of the students. I think football, especially here at UNCC, would greatly enrich the life of the students and in turn help foster higher education.

    It is my opinion that UNCC has very poor school spirit. Likewise I believe it a student is not happy where they are at and what to be somewhere else then their education will suffer. I have seen this many times while I have been here at UNCC. The people who hate being here are despondent and not motivated. The people who love it here are some of the most motivated people I know on campus. They promote the school outside the classroom but also promote the school by doing well in it and being involved. They are the ones who evaluate teachers, talk to staff, and want to make a change for the better. Those who leave here with school spirit are also the ones who contribute the most to the school and that helps promote higher education.

    Football is a remedy for the lack of school spirit. If football is adopted here we will have more of a draw here from student to write off this place because there is not that level of school spirit and things to do. We will also have a renewed interest by Alumni who would probably be more willing to contribute financially.

    Also you say that it would divert funds. Here at Charlotte it would not divert any funds that are already set. The students from here on out would have to pay more for the expenses of having football. All the federal and state grants we get would not go to football because they cannot; it is my understanding they have to go directly to academic purposes.

    From talking to other students, alumni, and being a student here myself, I think football would greatly enhance my stay here at UNCC both socially and academically.

    I am only touching the tip of the iceberg. If you still have doubts I am sure Justin Ritchie would love to convince you. He is the standing SGA President and a major player in the football initiative.