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Custom stamped pendantCustom stamped pendant

Handmade holidays, a guide to gifting local via Etsy

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 by Desiree Kane

Sure, sure. There are traditional holiday gift items everyone has this year (iPad, anyone?) but, if you’re a rogue like I am and cringe at the giant amount of big-box waste this holiday season will produce, take a gander at these lovely local only Etsy items to gift your loved ones with this year.

I’ve put together a list of all either up-cycled, recycled, vintage, handmade, repurposed, rehabbed, DIY or vegan/enviro friendly — all from local shops and artists represented on Etsy. They’re also not priced exorbitantly high at $50 and under. Here we go!

For Her:

Morning glory earrings: $38, one of a kind and really neat! By Tangra2009.

Nest lariat: $18 and so dainty! Asymmetrical necklaces are always attention grabbers! By Lana0Crystal.

Blasted out bullets necklace: $16 and badass. By FireboltCreations.

For Him:

Super Mario-esque coaster set: $18, for the geeky gamer we all know and love. By RainbowKidShop.

Thrown stoneware man-mug: $21.50 by LittleBearClayWorks.

For Mom/Grandma:

Custom stamped pendant: $39.50 — Handmade AND you can stamp names on them for customization. By LCimler.

Felt soap set: $32 for 9. How novel! Waste free, too! By SoFino.

For the young/tween boy:

Skateboard belt buckle: $35, made of recycled skateboards! By COOBoriginals.

Vinyl alien decal set: $40 and one word: removable. By GraphicSpaces.

For the young/tween girl:

Peach flower blossom earrings: $18. Vintage & handmade from ShySiren! Perfect for a young lady.

Orange ponytail buttons: $8, because all little girl stuff doesn’t have to be pink! By PolkadotSkies.

Green and lime stars necklace:  $16 from FireboltCreations.

For Baby:

HootHat: $25 These are up-cycled and are SO CUTE! By FreckleTree.

Mr. Jablonsky: $25 and hilarious. By PetitesMetier.

For the vege/vegan:

“I heart tofu” wall art:  $22 by MonkeyAndSquirrel.

Eco-cuff: $45 from a local favorite GreenMarketGirl.

So there you have it! Happy holiday shopping, y’all!

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