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5 tips to say fit and healthy during the holidays

Posted on 23 Nov 2010 by Ashley Sherry

With the holiday season comes the inevitable sweets, holiday parties and never-ending candy canes and hot cocoa. But how can you stick to your healthy fitness routine and still enjoy these delicious treats?

Staying fit during the holidays will help keep off those unwanted calories and relive tension and stress that the season may bring,” says Joe Montgomery, personal trainer with Industrial Strength and YWCA Central Carolinas.

  • Make that shopping trip worth it. Turn a leisurely cruise around the mall into a brisk power walk when doing holiday shopping.
  • Create family traditions. Instead of sitting inside next to the fire all day, get outside and play in the leaves, cut down your own tree or go caroling.
  • Have a back-up fitness plan. Holiday parties and houseguests may interfere with your normal trips to the gym. Find alternate days and times that you can still workout without losing ground on your fitness routine. Don’t forget to use local playgrounds or parks as options for your workout and go ahead, invite your houseguests with you to the gym!
  • Set boundaries for food spreads. With all of those holiday parties and family get-togethers, make sure to set boundaries for what and how much you are going to grab off of that appetizer and cookie tray. Also, plan ahead to eat before you attend so you will not go hungry.
  • Get some rest. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. This will help keep holiday stress at bay. Not only will it allow muscles to heal, but will help you think clearer and give you more energy as the days go on.

You can have a fun holiday season while still staying fit. By keeping fitness in your routine during this winter, those extra calories you drink sipping hot chocolate will melt away. It is always important to consult a doctor before attempting any new exercise routine. For more information on how to stay fit this holiday season, visit www.ywcacentralcarolinas.org and click on fitness.

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