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William Puckett works to finish his massive mural in NoDaWilliam Puckett works to finish his massive mural in NoDa

As NoDa mural nears completion, an icon passes and a Beagle is born

Posted on 15 Nov 2010 by James Willamor

Pedestrians on North Davidson stop and snap photos as a man in suspenders and a red wool hat steadies himself atop metal scaffolding. William Puckett and his wife Lauren have spent the weekend finishing their large mural in NoDa. Started in June of 2009, Puckett has worked on the project between other jobs.

Chris Ingram embodies the laid back vibe of NoDa, arriving at the mural unshaven and sporting a well worn long t-shirt and ball cap.  In a couple of weeks he plans to open a new bar at 3213 North Davidson called Jack Beagle’s.

We’ll have beagle bites, beagle burgers,” jokes Ingram. He looks up at Puckett on the scaffolding and jokingly says they will have a special called the Pucketteer – “a bucket of six of the shittiest beers we can find. They don’t even have to match.” After laughs from Ingram and Puckett, Ingram adds, “maybe we’ll have to call them ‘crappiest’ beers.”

While it may appear Ingram doesn’t take Jack Beagle’s seriously, a look inside the remodeled space makes it clear he has put a lot of time and sweat into transforming the former industrial shop. The bar itself, for example, features a curved metal footrest and hand-poured concrete top.

Next door, boxes are rolled out of Salvador Deli on hand trucks. A handmade sign and flowers sit outside the door, placed there in memory of beloved owner Stuart Sloan who passed away last week. Since then, the deli has been closed and its future uncertain.

Ingram says he was in the process of buying the deli when Sloan passed away, and says Sloan’s unfortunate passing has complicated things. Still, Ingram is confident he will be able to reopen the deli within a couple of weeks.

The changing seasons means changing weather, and Puckett works to get a coat of sealant on the mural before rain moves back into the area this week. Puckett and Ingram hope to have a “ribbon cutting” for the mural and an opening celebration for Jack Beagle’s in a couple of weeks.

There is hope that Salvador Deli will be back as well, but the loss of Sloan will be felt throughout the community for quite some time.

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