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Interactive gas map

Posted on 25 Sep 2008 by Matthew Tyndall

This is a map that anyone (if you have a Google account) can go add and edit gas stations that have a supply of gas and what the prices they are listing. This is an impromptu feature that hopefully can help save people time and money with this “gas crisis” we are having. Remember though, get only want to need and keep a level head, we don’t want any fights over gas.


To clear up confusion yes this is a blank map. The purpose of this is to post stuff you see in your neighborhood or on your way to work to help others. If you cant edit it feel free to just post a comment on where you see it and we will add it for you.

Interactive Gas Map & Gas in the Davidson area.


  1. Justin Shelton 25 Sep 2008 at 9:33 PM

    Not quite sure how to add a location to the map, but I gassed up at a Shell gas station off of University City Blvd, before you get to UNCC’s main entrance coming from i485.

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