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Support Charlotte’s infrastructure this November

Posted on 25 Sep 2008 by Justin Ritchie

While our next President (whomever that may be) gets ready for debating and the local electoral races heat up, it can be easy to forget that there is much more at stake for Charlotte and Mecklenburg county this November.

The site launched today aiming to educate voters, as part of a larger campaign, on the infrastructure improvements we need to enhance Charlotte’s growth and quality of life. On the ballot will be bonds for parks and recreation, roads and bikes, affordable housing and other neighborhood improvements. Get all the details on the bond packages at the official site.

Critics of the bonds will likely extend their blanket criticism that public projects are only building us a mountain of debt within the city. This may seem like a valid concern until you consider projects like the Lynx blue line. For a public tax investment of under $500 million we received $1.86 billion in private development investment and resulted in increased tax receipts along the line by over $6 million a year with a projected $24 million/year increase by 2011! The line will pay for itself in less than 30 years!

Public projects lead to a stronger community along with the ability for local businesses to attract and recruit the top global talent for their workforce.

So get out there and tell your colleagues, neighbors, friends, family and peers about the advantages of the bonds!

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